Gmail to soon receive 'Confidential Mode' and 'Self-Destructing' Emails


Also, on the recipient end, Gmail will show the content of confidential emails as a link which will verify a user's identity before showing the email content.

Last year the company announced it was finally upgrading the attachment function for its email service, which now allow users to receive messages with attachments up to 50MB.

The security-minded features are likely to please those members of the community concerned about their digital footprints or worried about prying eyes snooping on content not intended for them, in an open plan office for example.

There's currently no word on a release date for this new Gmail refresh but Google has confirmed the upgrade is being tested. The problem is that in the 21st century, it's very hard to get anything that's on the internet off. Despite what Mark Zuckerberg might tell the US Senate.

The redesigned Gmail for web users will be available in the coming weeks. The Android and iOS clients both use Material Design, but the web client's interface hasn't been updated for years. This will be especially useful for sending confidential emails or emails that you feel should be read and deleted for privacy purposes. The Verge notes, though, that recipients will still be able to take screenshots or photos of these confidential emails. You can also play a Tetris -like version of the game that lets you type in words to clear blocks from the screen, based on your own assumptions of what associations the software draws between words on the colored blocks. When the company bought Boston Dynamics in 2013, the deal raised eyebrows as the robotics firm had contracts with the Pentagon-and had indeed been funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency. They took Google to court when it refused to remove the search results.

The AI may also have the potential to enhance the user experience in Hangouts and Meet, Google's video conferencing services, by making it easier for call participants to focus on a particular person's voice.