Nerve agent found at pub in spy attack investigation


Speaking after a meeting of the government's emergency committee, Cobra, Ms Rudd said the government was using enormous resources to try and identify those responsible for the attempted murder.

British officials are holding talks with the US and European allies about "a coordinated retaliation, including possible diplomatic, economic and military measures", if it is found out that Skripal and his daughter were targeted by the Kremlin.

Health authorities have urged people to wash their clothing if they visited a restaurant where the Russian ex-spy and his daughter were poisoned with a nerve agent.

"As always Russia is guilty by default. despite the fact that traitor Skripal was pardoned by the President and released", she wrote alongside a photo of herself, according to The Sun.

Its statement continued "over time, repeated skin contact with contaminated items may pose a small risk to health".

On Monday, the UK police said that a man and a woman were found unconscious on a bench at a shopping center in Salisbury.

British police have identified more than 200 witnesses and are looking at more than 240 pieces of evidence.

Identifying the source of the nerve agent continues to be central to the investigation, but Rudd has so far declined to name any potential culprits.

Skripal betrayed dozens of Russian agents to British intelligence before his arrest in Moscow in 2004.

They also wanted to highlight Western impotence; to show how the liberal democratic world struggles to deal with attacks that come wrapped in a cloak of deniability. "However, in terms of who might have used it - that is a different question", Machon said.

Palestinian teen killed during clash with West Bank settlers: A 19-year-old Palestinian was shot and killed on Saturday in what began as a clash between Palestinians and Israeli settlers in the occupied West Bank, Palestinian health officials said. The official cautioned the investigation was still in its early stages. Among the sites they are searching are the Zizzi restaurant, which is closed to the public, and the grave-sites where Skripal's wife and son are buried.

Getting this information out there in Russia would embarrass Putin.

The risk to public health remained low and the advice was precautionary, Public Health England said.

The officer who was one of the first on the scene after the Skripals were found and was sickened by the nerve agent, Wiltshire Police Sgt. Nick Bailey, thanked the public on Saturday for their their support during his recovery. British police say that more than 20 people in total were injured in the alleged attack, which has been described by authorities as "attempted murder".

Scotland Yard confirmed officers were not exhuming a body, but would not comment further on the investigation, saying only the tent was in place for "operational reasons". After Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian defector, was murdered in London in 2006, politicians such as Theresa May, then home secretary, failed forcefully to pursue the state-sponsored Russian perpetrators, even after their identity was known. Skripal lived in the town, located 140 kilometres southwest of London.