'Liar and Phony': Republican National Committee Slams Michael Wolff's Anti-Trump Book


Pundits were also left scratching their heads over this word of warning at the beginning of "Fire and Fury".

Bannon called the meeting "treasonous" and "unpatriotic" and said the Russian overture should have been reported to the FBI.

The big-chain bookstores were no different. "That's the background and perception that will finally end this presidency".

"They all say he is like a child".

An employee at a Sacramento Barnes and Noble said they had 12 copies of the book available Friday morning but sold out in 3 minutes. Lee, confirming the December 5 and 6 meeting to CNN, said that the group was evenly mixed, with House and Senate lawmakers, and included at least one Republican - a senator, whom she would not name.

The president's unorthodox address to the press soon drew comparisons to "The Wizard of Oz", "1984", and "V For Vendetta", while many blasted Trump for the "cowardly" and "authoritarian-like" video.

"Let me put a marker in the sand here".

"What I say is, where do I send the box of chocolates?" he joked, stating that the publicity from the letter had only boosted sales of the book.

White House lawyers tried to stop the book's publication, but the publisher has been unfazed and even moved up the publication date in response to the attention.

The president and his team are part of a sweeping investigation by special counsel Robert Mueller and congressional committees looking at Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and possible collusion with Russia. Whether he realised it was an interview or not.

Excerpts of the book leaked earlier this week included blistering comments from Steve Bannon.

He said the White House's reaction to the book's release has been all wrong, including threatening to sue the publisher to block it from coming out. "He's not going to make it", Bannon told Breitbart staffers, according to Wolff.

Wolff paints the picture of a president who is unfit for the job and aides who come to fear Trump is not capable of, or interested in, processing information and making important decisions. When a beefy bad guy who was about to squish a normal-sized good guy received a crippling blow to the scrotum, I laughed.

Bannon, the former top political strategist in Trump world, is a terrible and disloyal person because of what he told Wolff in the book. "I have no reason to question his mental fitness".

But Fire and Fury reveals that White House staff and Cabinet members believed Trump's intellectual challenges went well beyond having a limited reading list: US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin called him an "idiot", Cohn dismissed him as "dumb", national security adviser H.R. McMaster considered him a "dope" and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson infamously concluded that the commander in chief was a "moron". "Full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist", Trump tweeted.