I'm a 'very stable genius — Trump tweets


The White House has described the book titled 'Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House' as being full of "misinformation".

"Several things that are true and several that are not".

Publisher Henry & Holt Company had planned a Jan. 9 release.

The White House is pushing back questioning the author's credibility. "And his staff is no better".

Jimmy Kimmel couldn't pass up the chance to mock "Sloppy Steve" during his show Friday, calling the nickname "a good one".

John and Ramona Cota, who were at Barnes and Noble looking for the book, said they had already spent "a couple hours" on the hunt.

On Thursday Rebekah Mercer issued a statement distancing her family from Bannon.

He added: "What they mean by that is he has the need for instant gratification". The New York Times's White House correspondent Maggie Haberman told CNN that the author got some basic details wrong.

Sanders says staffers now see a side of Steve Bannon that is "very, very disappointing". "I will quote Steve Bannon: 'He has lost it'". The acrimony suggests a permanent split between the president and the strategist who helped him win the White House.

New revelations from book on Trump White House
Donald Trump on book's mental health claims: 'I'm a stable genius'

Trump tweeted Friday that he gave "Zero access to White House (actually turned him down many times) for author of phony book!" He also said the president likely met later with participants from the meeting.

"What was I doing there if he didn't want me to be there?" he said.

Sanders also called Wolf "a guy who made up a lot of stories to try and sell books".

"I will tell you the one description that everyone gave, everyone has in common: they all say he is like a child", Wolff explained.

The Trumps' marriage is "perplexing" to those around them, Wolff claims.

On Thursday, lawyers representing the president called on the book's publishers to stop the book's release.

A clerk at the Midtown Scholar in Harrisburg said the independent shop is trying to get more copies from the publisher. "I am certainly and absolutely in every way comfortable with everything I've reported in this book". The president, Trump Jr., and Kushner are all potential targets of the criminal probe.

More people fired, resigned or moved to another department than any other president in their first year in American history. Ashley Thompson adapted it for Learning English, with additional materials from VOA News and the Associated Press.

Mr Trump claims the book was full of "lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist" and has started to call Bannon "Sloppy Steve".