'Fire and Fury' author disputes Trump claim he had 'zero access'


Trump went on. "I went from VERY successful businessman to top T.V. Star.to President of the United States (on my first try)".

Michael Wolff shrugged off the president's anger at the publication of the Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, telling NBC's Today show that "100%" of people around Mr Trump questioned the president's intelligence and "fitness for office".

Even more savagely, on Thursday afternoon Trump reportedly got on the phone with GOP donor Rebekah Mercer, daughter of hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer, and requested that she publicly cut all ties with Bannon, whom the family had once fully supported.

Wolff reacted to the president's attorneys sending him a cease and desist letter by stating that this not only drove up book sales, but proves the point of the book.

The president fired back on Friday, blasting Bannon, Wolff and the book as "full of lies" and calling his former strategist "Sloppy Steve".

"Sloppy Steve" is Trump's new Twitter insult for his former campaign executive, whose ideas of economic nationalism and anti-Muslim worldview formed the philosophical core of Trump's campaign for president.

He said he had access to top officials inside the Trump administration, including the president, according to an interview Thursday with the Hollywood Reporter that details the backstory to the book's publishing.

CNN says the publishing date was brought forward by four days because of "unprecedented demand".

Former press secretary Sean Spicer told "Good Morning America" on Friday that some of the quotes in the book are true, "but the context in which they are given aren't". Trump praised Republican leaders in Congress for all their work on the biggest tax overhaul in decades.

The bookstore was keeping a tally of all the calls they had received asking for the book.

He said Trump was "not typical of presidents of the past".

Trump responded by claiming Bannon "lost his mind".

It emerged yesterday that politicians summoned Bandy Lee, a Yale University psychiatry professor to Capitol Hill last month for two days of hearings about Trump's mental state.

"The big picture here is of a White House that is chaotic, of a president whose impulses whipsaw the White House of a lot of backstabbing, front-stabbing", said John Dickerson, host of the CBS News program "Face the Nation".

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Wolff says he pieced the book together off of about 200 interviews, becoming a "semi-permanent" fixture in the West Wing, he says. "Again, here's Bannon with Trump in the Oval Office", Colbert said, "having nothing to do with him".