Sensational book on President Trump is top seller online


More and more political figures are questioning the book's accuracy.

Mr Trump's mental state has continually been questioned by Democrats and some want to impeach him.

Earlier, the publishing house said that "due to unprecedented demand", it would release the book on Friday morning, rushing it to print after previously planning to put it out next Tuesday. They ordered that he stop communicating either confidential and or disparaging information, and preserve all records in preparation for "imminent" legal action.

"Trump responded in his fashion - We'll sue! - and set her up with lawyers. She told him she wouldn't be able to take it", he writes.

Pointing out Mr. Trump beat 17 GOP candidates, said things he shouldn't have, fought for Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania with superhuman energy in repeatedly huge rallies, she says he never gave up anywhere in the campaign though he dealt with constant negativity of the press and push-polls that said he was losing day after day, but he showed the "strength and the guts to soldier on - and he won".

As excerpts of Wolff's book began to circulate, journalists were eager to have the White House weigh in on the incendiary headlines.

Margaret Brennan, CBS News: "Sarah, can you clarify?" Because many of us here have seen Michael Wolff at the White House on multiple occasions. "He's like a pinball, just shooting off the sides", Wolff added. "The fact that he is there was a tremendous miscalculation on the part of the White House in the first place", he went on to say.

Likewise, a 2004 profile of Mr Wolff in New Republic made a similar accusation, saying that his writing sprang "from Wolff's imagination rather than from actual knowledge of events".

On Twitter Thursday, Trump said the book is "full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don't exist". We know that they met on multiple occasions.

"Trump did not enjoy his own inauguration".

President Donald Trump directed his White House counsel to tell Attorney General Jeff Sessions not to recuse himself from the Justice Department's investigation into potential ties between Russia and the Trump campaign, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The president said on Wednesday that Bannon 'lost his mind' when he was fired and actually had little to do with Trump's election success.

Speaking on TV in the US, Wolff continued: "This man does not read, does not listen".

"I got as far as the Fourth Amendment, before his finger is pulling down on his lip and his eyes are rolling back in his head", Nunberg said in the book.

The book quotes another senior staff members as saying that Mr Trump "doesn't read anything - not one-page memos, not the brief policy papers; nothing". I absolutely spoke to the president. "And that's the only interaction that he's had". Colbert specifically mentioned that Bannon described as "treasonous" the meeting between Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, other Trump campaign officials, and a Russian lawyer.