Samsung Galaxy A8+ (2018) to launch in India on January 20th


The Samsung Galaxy S9 unveiling comes a month earlier and going by that, the sales will most likely begin a month later.

Good to have the date locked down, though.

Manufacturers priced it at VND 3,290,000 which is roughly equal to Rs 9,200. It's a beautiful blend of glass and metal; the smooth curves make this device fairly easy to grip. Samsung Display will be in charge of manufacturing foldable displays.

Meanwhile, news reports citing sources at wireless carriers Monday said that LG's flagship phone set to follow the G6 is expected to be revealed in March rather than at the MWC, and to be released to consumers in April. At CES 2018 this week, the company announced that it has big plans for the Galaxy S9 at next month's Mobile World Congress show in Barcelona.

This new update will amaze the users with numerous astounding features, such as quick settings with customizing properties, Google keyboard with an improved version, split-screen multitasking, recent applications window, enhanced notifications and much more.

The plan is said to be for a smartphone that unfolds into a 7.3-inch tablet.

"However, we cannot confirm any schedules for mass-production or release of foldable smartphones due to our business strategies".

So Samsung's belief that their future foldable smartphone will allow them to dominate the market in the long run, is just marketing hyperbole. The smartphone will be on sale by January 20th, says Samsung India. Also there are high expectations towards degree of completion of its foldable Smartphones as it has accumulated technologies regarding foldable Smartphones since many years ago. Does that mean that Android is Samsung's biggest problem? The e-commerce platform will also introduce various offers along with the device but so far, they haven't been disclosed.

The report also noted that Samsung is allegedly currently privately showcasing prototype flexible OLED devices to industry partners at CES 2018.