Nvidia Patches Drivers Against Meltdown And Spectre


Windows 10 is only on a quarter of PCs.

GPZ Variant 2 (Branch Target Injection or Spectre) is applicable to AMD processors.

The architecture flaws first came to light for vendors in mid-2017.

However it is reported in various media outlets that some organisations such as Epic Games, have publicly complained about the Meltdown patches impacting performance.

Symantec alerted its enterprise customers of an incompatibility with the ERASER (Expanded Remediation And Side Effect Repair) Engine found in some of its products.

Intel's stock prize has dropped by 7 % on the market ever since what began as rumors of the bugs turned to be true.

Is it true the Windows patch for Spectre renders AMD systems unusable?

The tech industry is struggling to send a clear message about the fallout from a security problem affecting most of the world's computers, as Intel on Thursday talked down the impact on PC users, in contrast to comments earlier in the week from Microsoft.

Nvidia's GPUs are immune to the Spectre flaw.

How can we patch vulnerabilities on AMD? I must hasten to add that Meltdown which is mostly an Intel problem will be an easy one to fix but Spectre could be tricky. "The security of the systems our customers depend upon and enjoy is a top priority for us". The performance hit was especially felt on computers and servers running on older Intel processors. Meltdown on the other hand doesn't seem to be a concern. Devices that are affected by the flaws span laptops, desktops, mobile devices, cloud-based systems, and more. Specifically, these systems are running Intel Broadwell and Haswell CPUs for both client and data center.

Windows 10 downloads the update automatically and will prompt you to install it. To install the update manually, open Settings Update and Security and select "Check for updates" option.

Where to go from here?

Some antivirus vendors have been quick to respond. Some Ubuntu Xenial 16.04 users also report that the latest update for their OS has rendered their system unable to boot.

Companies can additionally utilize third-party risk management and information security monitoring services to assess and monitor external exposure to threats and address issues as they are uncovered to minimize cybersecurity risk.

Nvidia has provided updates to GeForce, Quadro, and NVS driver software, as well as its Tesla driver software, and its GRID driver software.

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