Landon Donovan coming out of retirement again


Donovan was engaging with the club and its president on Twitter before the announcement in what was surely a tactic to raise interest, and it worked with Donovan starting to trend in Mexico shortly after.

Donovan won six MLS Cups during his career, and the league's MVP trophy was named after him following his first retirement, having racked up 145 goals and 136 assists in the division during his time with the Galaxy and the San Jose Earthquakes.

On the international stage, the forward earned 157 caps for the United States, netting a joint-record 57 goals and winning four CONCACAF Gold Cups.

That said, if Donovan's career teaches you anything, it is that you shouldn't bet against "Captain America" succeeding against the odds. But the joint-top USMNT scorer is a name that's nothing but familiar to Mexico. The front three of Elias Hernandez, Mauro Boselli and Andres Andrade is fairly established, with Luis Montes slotting in behind: a position Donovan could occupy. And there was the playing style which made him seem more like a Mexican player than any American who had come before him with his technical ability and vision.

Landon Donovan was the perfect fit in Liga MX. Donovan announced in November that he would not seek the position.

On Wednesday afternoon, a weird rumor surfaced that Landon Donovan was going to come out of retirement to play for Club Leon in Liga MX. That means users playing "Showdown" this weekend can wager on performances in the Jaguars-Steelers game Sunday without having to wait for the Saints-Vikings game to play out several hours later. David Butler II, USA TODAY Sports The sellout crowd showed its appreciation for arguably the most influential player in U.S. soccer history. MLS continues to close the gap, but Liga MX remains a cut above - as evidenced every year in the CONCACAF Champions League.

Landon Donovan has always had a complicated relationship with soccer. No details of the move where provided by Leon or Donovan.

Donovan joins one of the traditional powers of Mexican soccer with seven league titles. David Butler II, USA TODAY Sports Donovan acknowledges the adoring crowd one last time.