'F**king child': Trump taunted for Twitter 'tantrum' over Michael Wolff's new book


White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders is criticizing former White House adviser Steve Bannon, saying "we've seen a side that is frankly very, very disappointing". He called Wolff a "total loser" and claimed that Bannon "cried when he got fired and begged for his job". NPR White House correspondent Tamara Keith reports. It makes a number of bombshell assertions, based on some 200 interviews Wolff said he conducted with White House staffers.

KEITH: But the book that resulted is jam-packed with the kind of quotes and observations no White House would ever want to be hit with.

"I think the two fundamental issues were that Donald Trump doesn't read anything", he said when asked on what White House staff learned about Trump's personality.

"Congratulations, sir! This dignified, statesman-like tweet is the perfect way to counter the book's narrative that you're an impulsive, childish dimwit".

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"We see Fire And Fury as an extraordinary contribution to our national discourse and are proceeding with the publication of the book", the company said in a statement. "I never heard of any of these people until after the Trump campaign began".

"I have great respect for Mr. Bannon, and from time to time I do discuss politics with him", said Mercer in his resignation letter.

And so, we've all been reading those excerpts pretty obsessively and trying to absorb as much of this new information as possible, because holy smokes, it is next-level bananas.

"I support President Trump and the platform upon which he was elected", Mercer said.

But the President did concede that he did a "quick interview with him a long time ago". The publisher instead moved up the release date to Friday.

Michael Wolff, author of "Fire and Fury", a new book about the chaotic Trump campaign and administration, in 2001. Donald Trump wrote on microblogging website Twitter.

People lined up outside Powell's downtown store before it opened at 9 a.m. and immediately scooped up all 30 copies.

Rebekah Mercer and her father, billionaire hedge fund founder Robert Mercer, installed Bannon on Breitbart's company board in 2011 after investing $10 million in the media startup.

US President Donald Trump on Saturday rejected an author's accusations that he is mentally unfit for office and said his track record showed he is a "stable genius".