How (And Why) To Replace Your iPhone Battery


Apple's reputation is already in the toilet when it comes to batteries thanks to the great throttling debacle. Case in point: we all said for years that Apple was slowing its older models down in a bid to make us go on buying their new products. It wasn't clear which model of iPhone was being worked on at the time.

The firm revealed it is slashing the price of a replacement battery, and planning a software upgrade which will show users exactly how much their battery has degraded.

The injured staffer sustained light injuries to the hand when the battery he was removing from the phone overheated.

Since then, the company has faced a flurry of lawsuits from customers claiming that the company has acted in bad faith.

CalPERS is big, but Apple is bigger.

Now that it is an issue, well, I'm sure Apple will recover.

Bisa said police, firefighters, several ambulances and an emergency vehicle were deployed in response to the incident in the store's workshop - not the showroom - on Tuesday.

(If you paid for AppleCare+ coverage, it might even be free.) Remember, this isn't just about improving battery life; some tests have found replacing the battery can result in speed improvements of over 100 percent.

If the stats matchup, you are ok, if not it could be time for a new battery. But with the increasing amount of smartphone users around the world, and with phone manufacturers trying to cram larger capacity batteries into tighter devices, it's no surprise that this is now. a hot topic. And there's also no way to easily check stock supplies; when I tried calling another store, I couldn't get a straight answer.

There are a few other options. It remains to be seen if any of the lawsuits will be successful or not. A service called iCracked will send a repair person to you to replace a battery for between $20 (roughly Rs. 1260) and $50 (roughly Rs. 3100).

Police forensic experts were examining what caused the battery to overheat.