Trump complains about 'very unfair' treatment of Flynn


Any proof that Trump knew before he spoke with Comey in February that Flynn had lied to the FBI could bolster obstruction of justice allegations against the president and raise the prospect that he was trying to protect a key member of his inner circle from probable prosecution, said Jimmy Gurule, a Notre Dame criminal law professor and former federal prosecutor.

"The other possibility - and I'm stunned that this hasn't gotten more attention - is that this is typical Trump braggadocio", he said.

Mueller was named in May by acting attorney general Rod Rosenstein to look into whether there had been "any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump". The White House says Dowd wrote the tweet (his first), and some journalists are parsing the language to see if that seems plausible.

"Clinton lied many times to the FBI".

The justices offered no explanation for their order, but the administration had said that blocking the full ban was causing "irreparable harm" because the policy is based on legitimate national security and foreign policy concerns.

Robert Mueller was FBI Director from 2001 to 2013 under presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama. Nevertheless, it is obviously a more serious matter for a president to urge the dropping of a case against a friend known to have committed a crime rather than merely suspected of having done so.

FBI Director James Comey, in his testimony to the House Oversight Committee in July 2016, said, "We have no basis to conclude that she lied to the FBI". Nothing happened to her. Flynn lied and they destroyed his life.

US intelligence agencies determined with "high confidence" in a report issued in January that Russia had sought to influence the 2016 race in Trump's favour.

McCarthy argues that a president has the right to fire his FBI chief for no reason at all, even if his rationale was "corrupt".

"Dowd is serving baloney for breakfast".

This is the complex process and very high threshold to keep in mind when looking at President Obama's actions against Russia last December.

Grassley then asked for the electronic "metadata", which would include "who created the original drafts, who made the edits to the draft statement, and when those edits were made". Hemel and Posner say the claim is "surely false".

K.T. McFarland, of Park Avenue and Southampton, didn't last much longer than Flynn on Trump's National Security Council.

Trump has taken that counsel to heart, telling two close allies over the weekend that he believed he was in the clear and that Mueller's team wouldn't unveil any further charges, according to the advisers who discussed the private conversations under the conditions of anonymity.

A White House spokesman declined to answer whether Dowd dictated the tweet word-for-word to the White House director of social media, Dan Scavino, or whether Scavino, who has access to the @RealDonaldTrump account and its 44 million followers, put the sentiment into something resembling Trump's own voice. "President, I rise to offer an amendment that from passage of this bill forward every time a GOP member cites the debt in this chamber an '80s sitcom laugh track be played'".

But McCarthy told Ingraham it is a difficult case to make because Trump, as president, has the ultimate authority over the executive branch. "For obstruction of justice by the president, you need clearly illegal acts", said Dershowitz.

Pence, who served as head of Trump's transition, has not publicly commented on Flynn's plea.