PUBG runs at 30FPS on all Xboxes, even Xbox One X


There's also the fact that PUBG lands on Xbox One on December 12 and will leave Steam Early Access shortly after, while at the same time launching the new desert map.

Epic's Fortnite: Battle Royale won at least one battle against high-profile rival PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds last month. There's some sad news for those of you hoping that your Xbox One X will be put to good use when playing PUBG though, as that extra power isn't necessarily going to translate to a higher frame rate. In an interview with gamesTM magazine, Director Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene shared that the game would "definitely" hit 60FPS on the freshly released Xbox One X, but he was still "not sure if we'll get there" on the older console.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds will launch for Xbox Game Preview on December 12th, and is now in early access on PC, with a planned release date of late December. Even being limited to 30 frames per second at launch, PUBG should still offer quite a bit of fun, so expect to see it become very popular on Xbox One.

It's been reported that PUBG will be coming out soon on another platform, but it's not the news PS4 fans will be wanting to hear. It was revealed that there would be two extra maps for the game: the one mentioned based on the desert and another set on an island in the Adriatic Sea. This was driven by a 28 per cent jump in PC revenues thanks to the launch of Destiny 2 on BattleNet and, of course, PUBG, which had its biggest ever month, selling 5m units.