Black workers' lawsuit claims Tesla is a hotbed for racism


Other recent lawsuits filed against Tesla include claims that the company failed to give proper notice when laying off hundreds of workers, claims concerning anti-LGTBQ harassment, a complaint from a woman engineer alleging harassment, and a complaint from the National Labour Relations Board defending employee claims that Tesla attempted to suppress a unionization effort.

The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Marcus Vaughn, who worked in the Fremont factory from 23 April to 31 October.

Regardless, one of the reasons why Musk is such a fascinating, if not controversial, character is precisely because he's prone to making tantalizing statements that only serve to heighten our collective interest in the company's plans, no matter how far from reality those statements may seem at the surface. "Sometimes these things happen unintentionally, in which case you should apologise". "In fairness, if someone is a jerk to you, but sincerely apologizes, it is important to be thick-skinned and accept the apology". CEO Elon Musk has called the truck "seriously next level", and said it will "blow your mind clear out of your skull and into an alternate dimension".

Vaughn is alleged to have sent a memo to Musk and members of the human resources department, claiming that a colleague, Tim Cotton, was subject to even worse abuse.

In the legal complaint, Vaughn v. Tesla the Superior Court of California, alleges that Tesla workers, including managers, routinely used derogatory and discriminatory language against African-American workers. A study by the Kapor Center earlier this year found that around 40 percent of surveyed former tech workers said "unfairness or mistreatment" influenced their decision to leave their job.

Tesla's stock peaked and valleyed this month on a significant bottom-line miss, the uncertain fate of electric vehicle federal tax credits, and hype surrounding its Thursday semi-truck unveiling. The article states that today's price/earnings multiples of auto shares (subscription required) are "historically low", though Tesla "is looking overvalued". More than 10,000 employees work at its sole auto assembly plant in Fremont, California, where the United Auto Workers have launched a campaign to convince workers to join the union.

"We can confirm that Mr. Moran and others at Tesla have approached the UAW, and we welcome them with open arms", the UAW said. So, while it was working on generating the capital and buzz for its Model 3, automakers like GM pounced, and introduced their own electric cars.

When they complained to management about the alleged abuse, nothing was done, according to the lawsuit.