On North Korea, Trump needs to stop fulminating and start dealing — Opinion


Twitter has said that Donald Trump's "newsworthiness" was the reason why it did not remove a tweet from the US President threatening to wipe out North Korea.

Trump has taken a no-nonsense approach to North Korea, demanding the denuclearization of the regime, while pursuing diplomatic options and also preparing military options.

Experienced Korea watchers believe that Trump's threats have deepened Kim's resistance to concessions, and that the Korean leader is unlikely to back down in the faceoff with Washington. For a president who loves drama, it would be hard to beat a meeting at the DMZ.

'At the same we are resolute in working for the protection of the peninsula's peace and stability and uphold a peaceful resolution for the nuclear issue via dialogue and consultation, ' Lu said.

And he said the "strategic assets" could be deployed on a "rotational" basis to South Korea by the end of the year, the Post reported.

The possibility for military action or even full scale war has appeared possible for some time now.

"North Korea is strongly pushing their soldiers in the DMZ to report first and then take measures", South Korean Liberty Korea Party lawmaker Lee Cheol-woo said, quoting intelligence services.

Speaking at a daily news briefing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang reiterated that China has all along upheld the aim of the denuclearisation of the Korean peninsula and protecting the international nuclear non-proliferation system. He said it would be "unacceptable" for North Korea to achieve a ballistic missile tipped with a nuclear warhead, technology the country has not yet demonstrated.

Soon after former US President Barack Obama's arrival in the Oval Office, Harvard Business School Professor, John A. Quelch injected Ruskin's quote to re-assert the need to strike the balance in US internal politics and foreign policy.

Kim Jong un is currently dictating North Korea but will never dictate America and its morals and values. The article describes an uncorrupted North Korea proudly resisting alone: "Though small in territory and population, the people of the DPRK have such a fortune. standing against the 'world's only superpower".

Just heard the Foreign Minister of North Korea speak at U. N. If he echoes thoughts of Little Rocket Man, they won't be around much longer!

"We are targeting North Korean banks and financial facilitators acting as representatives for North Korean banks across the globe", Mnuchin said.

The humbling lesson that Trump must learn: He has blustered his way to the edge of a cliff.

Trump spoke alongside the visiting Spanish prime minister minutes after his Treasury Department announced new sanctions targeting eight North Korean banks and 26 bank workers living abroad. Instead, they spread fear, while positioning themselves as the global safety net against terrorists and those who fund or support them.