A New iPhone 8 Battery Swelling Incident Reported In China


None of the carriers have announced pricing yet, though Truemove H has opened registration for those interested in pre-ordering the iPhone 8.

The reports have spanned Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Canada and Greece, all displaying similar symptoms, making the notion that there was simply a single bad batch of devices coming off the production line less likely. Hopefully Apple will reveal its findings once its had a chance to look into each of these cases properly.

Of note - while battery failure like this is unlikely, it is entirely possible (and not unheard of) in the course of creating millions of smartphone units. "Our partnership with Marriott International Middle East & Africa and Cleartrip means that our customers can travel to new destinations, discover new cuisine and indulge in a wonderful array of experiences at destinations across the world - enjoying life differently!" said Tarek Sabbagh, head of IT and Mobile (IM) Division at Samsung Gulf Electronics.

Thailand, meanwhile, will have to wait longer still for the iPhone X, a much-more advanced iPhone with Face ID, a new selfie mode that promises studio-quality lighting effects, and "Animoji", a 3D emoji created with your facial expressions and voice.

That being said, DxOMark did mention that the Note 8 has good white balance, colour rendering, as well as fast and stable autofocus in videos. The iPhone 11 release will be no different either.

It's important to note that the iPhone 8 Plus' battery is made by Amperex Technology Limited (ATL), which is he same company which manufactured the batteries for Samsung's exploding Galaxy Note 7. But it's still something Apple needs to get ironed out.

The Korean firm's component business amounted to 35 per cent of their total revenue in 2016. They are examining the bursted iphone 8s and trying to isolate the issue. This is achieved mainly because the handset's camera software and image signal processor (ISP) are working well together. Currently, Samsung Display is the only volume supplier in the market. Apple says that issue will be corrected in a future update, but at this point, they could already be headed down the same road as Samsung.

Similarly, it's water-resistant. I didn't really test this in depth other than a few spots of rain.