Ricciardo still confident of Singapore F1 win from P3


McLaren will be powered next year by Renault, which simultaneously said it was leaving Toro Rosso - who will now be driving Honda engines.

Renault's contract with Red Bull ends after 2018, and as that relationship has been nowhere near harmonious with numerous complaints about reliability from Red Bull, they've opted not to extend it. To wit: this is the engine supplier Red Bull tried to abandon once before, only to rebrand the Renault units as "Tag Heuers" when no other F1 engine supplier would work with them.

Porsche is planning to enter Formula 1 in 2021 and it just might have found the easy way to do it. Rumours are ride that the iconic German manufacturer could make it F1 entry by purchasing Red Bull while making engines as per the new regulations to be introduced that year.

The drivers from Red Bull were tasked with opening a durian and eating the fruit.

"Today's announcement gives us the stability we need to move ahead with our chassis and technical programme for 2018 without any further hesitation", said McLaren executive director Zak Brown.

"I said the Ferrari could be a problem, and now it's Red Bull", Mercedes non-executive chairman Niki Lauda told Sky Sports television.

The Singapore Grand Prix is set to stay on the Formula One calendar until 2021, the sport and race organisers confirmed yesterday, after agreeing a four-year contract extension.

Both Ricciardo and Verstappen will film social media videos at every F1 Grand Prix stop and on their first evening in Singapore, they got on a eight-minute Facebook live video to chat with fans.

"But after a slightly messy Q1, track evolution saw times falling dramatically in Q2 and Q3 and neither Red Bull managed to catch Vettel".

The Briton, who seized the overall lead from Sebastian Vettel after leading Bottas to a one-two finish in Monza, is expecting a less straightforward weekend in Singapore. "It's always good to have options".

Red Bull is said to be looking to exit its F1 programme and could sell its stake to Porsche and continue as a brand sponsor. The current F1 regulations will end its cycle in 2020.

Once close friends and karting team-mates as teenagers, Hamilton was singing a different tune after a dust-up at the 2014 Monaco GP. F1's marquee night race starts on Sunday at 1pm.

Following that, they had to take a bite of the king of fruits, a task which they were rather hesitant to complete.