Hillary Clinton says she wants the Electoral College abolished


Trump's comments came in the wake of excerpts from Clinton's new book, titled 'What Happened', in which she has criticized, apart from Trump, a host of persons, including former FBI Director James Comey, the Vladimir Putin regime in Russia and her Democratic opponent Bernie Sanders for damaging her White House bid. "He had a message, and he is certainly carrying that through as we move into the fall with a very ambitious legislative agenda".

Hillary Clinton said in an interview Wednesday that it's time to abolish the Electoral College.

As the recent barrage of publicity (and blowback begetting more publicity, and so on, and so on) has made clear, Hillary Clinton has released a new book! Barbara Boxer proposed a bill to abolish the system in the wake of Trump's victory.

Her 1996 book discusses society's collective impact on children and its shared responsibility for raising the next generation.

Clinton has spoken about many reasons why she believes she lost the election to Trump. She told Trump via Twitter that if he didn't like her new book, perhaps he should read her other literary work, "It Takes a Village" - which by the way, is a picture book for children. We did not understand how a reality TV campaign would so dominate the media environment. Clinton laughably responded: "Well, I will say no, Matt".

And now, she wants it gone. These new roles "felt both like pulling on a new garment and shedding of my skin".

After Ms Clinton's defeat, the magazine instead ran on the front cover of its November 21, 2016 edition, an image showing a red brick barrier called The Wall, by artist Bob Staake.

Hillary Clinton has claimed young women didn't vote for her during the 2016 US presidential election because of the men in their lives.